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Current Obsessions

I'm thinking of doing this every while and then. I, sometimes, feel obsessed with certain topic, mostly fandoms and stuff like that and I feel the need to talk or write about them and this is probably the best place.  Have fun.

Current Anime Obsession: Aldnoah.Zero, for sure. Among the Summer 2014 anime I'm watching, this is my absolute favorite. The OST is amazing (i think I'm in love with Hiroyuki Sawano, I'm so happy he's composing for Xenoblade Chronicles X as well), characters are good, the story is pure pain (I'm gonna blame mostly episode 8 for this) and yeah, someone needs to give Slaine a break.
Talking about non-seasonal anime, I'm also watching Gintama. This anime is great, funny, catchy, it's probably my favorite Shonen Jump publication. Only problem is: IT IS SO VERY LONG and I'm only at episode 106.

Current Videogame Obsession: Tales of Graces f. I'm playing a lot of games lately and I have to finish most of them, but Graces is the one that got me most. Maybe the story is predictable or not so creative, but the gameplay is much fun and characters are precious. I'm also fangirling about them, but let's talk about this later.
Also when I was already writing this post, the news of Shulk being in SSB4 and Xenoblade on 3DS made me hype so much that I want to replay this beautiful game once again. I think I'm gonna make icons to celebrate. Yeah, every little news about Xenoblade make me happy like a child.
Then at last, after more than a year, I'm almost at the end of Valkirye Profile: Lenneth. I can't wait to play the sequel.

Current TV Show Obsession: this one isn't as strong as the ones I wrote about before, but I'm enjoing this italian show named Boris that teases the stereotypical italian shows. It is very funny.
Also Doctor Who season 8 just started and I can't wait to see more Capaldi. I really like him. Also Jenna Coleman is Melia's voice actress and we're back talking about Xenoblade. Yeah, I know, I need to stop.

Current Real Life Obsession: i'm planning to go to visit London a couple of days at the end of September with my boyfriend. We've found some low cost tikets and I'm really looking forward to visit this beautiful city once again after five years.

Current Shipping Obsession: Hubert and Pascal are the cutest cutes ever made. I'm loving every single moment dedicated to them in the game (which is Tales of Graces, again, obviously). I haven't completed the game yet, but now, in the Lineage and Legacies arc, every time I play, there's a skit or a side quest related to their realtionship that totally makes me squeal. 'till now my favourite is the one at Oswell Manor

where Hubert talks to Asbel, Richard and Malik about his marriage proposal. The face he does when he admits he loves her is pure gold.

Current Music Obsession: I can't stop listening Aldnoah.Zero OST's previews. I can't immagine what will happen when the full album will come out. Hiroyuki Sawano, I blame you.

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